🎆 🐶 🐱 Get ready for the noise

Special email today for pet owners who need a strategy for dealing with the fireworks tomorrow night.

Why it matters: Many pets are terrified by the noises.

  • Which go on until the wee hours in my neighborhood. 😩

📝 What to do next: Get ready with some items that can help your pet stay calm.

  • White noise machine —> drown out the bangs and pops (still available for delivery today)
  • Lick mat —> licking is a soothing activity for our furry friends (still available for delivery today)
  • Ready with meds —> call your vet if you need a refill on meds for your pet

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Make sure you have a strategy in place and stay ahead of the stress if possible
  • Search “dog anxiety music” on YouTube on your smart TV for some free stress management.



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