📷 Get the pictures

Create a habit of taking a series of pictures of your home.

  • Several times per year and before and after any work is done.

Why it matters: Time and date stamped pictures can help you in the event of an insurance claim or in a dispute with a contractor.

⚙️ How to get started: First, create an album on your phone using your address as the name of the album.

  • When you have extra time, search your street in your photo app to find previous pics and drag those into the album.

💡 Zoom out—circle, zoom in—circle: Follow this process to create a great record.

👉 Start with a street view and take a picture of the front of your house.

  • Go clockwise around the house, getting a pictures of every side with the roof in the picture.

👉 Repeat the circle but take closer pictures of the exterior.

  • Capturing everything from walkways and sprinkler heads to windows and doors.

👉 Do a virtual tour of the inside, standing in the middle of every room and taking 4 or more pictures.

  • Zoom in on appliances and equipment, entertainment systems and storage areas with valuables and collectibles.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Move those pics to your home album.
  • A good record can help you with an insurance claim related to storm damage or theft.
  • And can help you show a contractor the state of your home BEFORE they started the work.



P.S. If a contractor is working on an area you can’t access well — roof, attic, crawlspace — ask him to take before and after pictures for you.

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