👏 Only 1 password to remember

With an ever increasing number of online accounts, smart devices and apps, the number of passwords we need has become unmanageable.

Why it matters: The old method of creating a few memorable passwords to use on multiple accounts puts you at risk.

🥊 Reality check: Using a password manager is the easiest and safest way to protect yourself and your family.

  • Password managers require you to remember 1 master password.
  • Then you let the password manager generate strong, unique passwords for every account.

👉 Family plans allow a group of people to share a subscription while maintaining independent accounts AND making it easy to safely share passwords with each other.

  • 1password has a family plan for $5 a month for 5 people.
  • Dashlane offers a friends & family plan for $7.50 a month for up to 10 people.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Let’s be real — making the switch to a password manager is a hassle that you never “have time for.”
  • But protecting your finances and your personal information is worth it.



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