🏭 Getting ready for summer grid outages

The Texas power grid operator (ERCOT) is predicting record demand this summer.

Why it matters: If peak demand is greater than the grid’s capacity we will experience brownouts.

  • The highest risk will be around 9:00pm when the grid can’t rely on its renewable sources — when the sun has set and winds die down.

🥊 The bottom line: If you have experienced brownouts in the past, you are likely to again.

  • Now is the time to prepare.

💡 Know your options.

👉 Use one or more UPS Battery Backups to provide power to your WiFi and any smart hubs for devices like your alarm or cameras.

  • These can also be used to power fans and charge phones.

👉 Consider installing a whole home standby generator.

👉 Solar + storage is a great for option for some homes.

  • BE AWARE — a home with solar only (no battery) will lose power even during the day because the system shuts down for safety reasons.
  • Only solar plus a battery can keep power on during an outage.

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