🏦 Get help fighting the tax man

I’m in a story telling mood today, but if you’re in a rush here’s the tl;dr

🥊 The bottom line: Stop paying more in property taxes than you should and hire Evan to fight for you.

  • The best news? You ONLY pay a contingency fee based on ACTUAL SAVINGS.

📚 Story time

I have memories from my teen years of stories of my mother going down to the appraisal district and successfully fighting to have our taxes lowered.

  • The daughter of an attorney/judge, my mom can fight!
  • And she’s a BEAR 🐻 — as in she went to Baylor! ba-dum ching 🤪

🏎️ Fast forward a decade or so and it was my turn to fight.

  • And I got crushed by THE DUDE behind a computer.

🤦‍♂️ THE DUDE never looked up as he projected different comps on the screen.

  • And sent me out the door with my tail between my legs quoting the book I read to my granddaughter the other night —>

“I want my mommy!”

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Your mom isn’t going to fight the tax man for you.
  • I’ve known Evan Fetter for over 30 years — he will fight for you!



🔦 Pro Spotlight

When you deal with Lower My Texas Property Taxes, you deal directly with Evan. He is always available by text, cell or e-mail.

He leverages his reputation and trust with the appraisal districts to get you the best deal.

And will file for you every year so deadlines are not missed. Evan will reach out to you when additional info is needed and follow up.

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