🌵 Should you go native?

Choosing native plants for your landscaping can be a smart investment of your money and time.

Why it matters: Native plants have adapted to local soil, light and moisture conditions.

  • Requiring less maintenance and providing recurring satisfaction.

🖼️ The big picture: The most important factor is choosing plants that are well adapted to local conditions.

  • Which you can even create — like using pine bark mulch to create the acidic environment azaleas love (a topic for another email). 😁

🔬 Zoom in: Here are a 3 of my favorite perennials — not native to Texas — that have thrived for at least 5 years through our weather extremes in Dallas:

👉 Society Garlic —> clump forming with narrow leaves and large clusters of fragrant, violet flowers.

👉 Daylily —> clump forming with attractive yellow flowers.

👉 Salvia —> shrub like with small flowers — nearly 1000 varieties exist this plant from the sage family.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • If you’re tired of guessing and want great advice on what to plant and where to plant it …
  • Skip the big box store and spend some time at a local nursery where they love educating and helping. 😉



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