☔ Leak spotting after the rains

The rainy season is a good time to walk around your house and check out all the ceilings for potential leaks.

Why it matters: Early intervention is the key to minimizing damage and preventing mold growth.

💡 Two tips for finding leaks and determining their seriousness:

👉 Turn off any can lights and shine a bright LED flashlight on the ceilings and walls to find discoloration that indicates a leak.

👉 Use a moisture meter to investigate the leak.

  • A stained area with no moisture is a sign of an old leak.
  • The amount of moisture can tell you how serious a leak is —> the higher the moisture, the sooner you need to seek professional help.
  • When you see water entering through a light fixture or AC register, a moisture meter helps you find the extent of the affected area.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • An inexpensive moisture meter like this one is an essential tool for homeowners.
  • Not all leaks require immediate attention — as long as the moisture dries on its own within a day or two.



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