🪴 Caring for your indoor plants

Spring is a growth season for indoor as well as outdoor plants.

Why it matters: Plants make our lives better by boosting mood, reducing stress and cleaning the air we breathe.

✋ Transplant time — If a plant has outgrown its container, this is a good time of year to move it to a larger one.

🔬 Zoom in: 5 things from your kitchen your plants will love:

👉 Ground up eggshells — Rinse eggshells, allow them to air dry, grind into a powder with a coffee grinder or mortar and pedestal and apply to the soil for a calcium boost.

👉 Cut up banana peels — Cut into small pieces and mix under the top layer of soil for a slow release of potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous and magnesium.

👉 Green tea leaves — Cooled green tea or green tea leaves will give your plants nitrogen they love (avoid using on alkaline-loving plants).

👉 Cooled cooking water — Instead of pouring out your water after steaming or boiling pasta, potatoes, eggs or veggies, let the water cool — now enriched by what you cooked — and water your indoor plants.

👉 Coffee grounds — Apply a thin layer of coffee grounds to the soil for your acid loving plants (like philodendron or African violets) or mix into the soil when transplanting (use only once or twice a year).

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Freshen up your bedroom or living space with a Monstera Deliciosa or a ZZ plant. 😁
  • iPhone tip: Not sure what plants you have? Take a picture with your iPhone, click on the “i” at the bottom of the picture, click on “Look Up – Plant”



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