🦟 Use this mosquito hack to enjoy your patio

Just when the weather makes it inviting to enjoy sitting on your patio, the mosquitos are ready to feed! 😱

Why it matters: We can’t eliminate mosquitos, we can be smart about how to manage them.

🧠 Michael Bosco of SafeHaven Pest Control did a walk around my property and helped me with this great hack —>

🥊 Reality check: Mosquitos are bad at flying.

😄 It worked! On Friday I was sitting on the sectional on our back patio and saw a mosquito land on my arm.

  • Once I turned the fan on, they left me alone.

💡 Mosquitos also like dark and humid places.

  • Use a leaf blower to push them out from under furniture on a covered patio.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Don’t let the mosquitos steal the joy of your lovely outdoor spaces.
  • Start with the fan hack—but you might need monthly or biweekly treatments or even a misting system.
  • I trust SafeHaven to prescribe the most affordable solution for you to serve your goals.



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