🥬 No more soggy lettuce!

SAVRpak is an innovative product that extends the time your produce will stay fresh in the fridge.

Why it matters: Condensation on food causes premature spoiling which leads to 50% of produce being wasted.

🔬 Zoom in: The SAVRpak absorbs moisture — the condensation that forms on your lettuce, berries, etc. — and keeps them fresh up to 4x longer.

  • Also works on leftovers kept in the fridge in containers.

🔮 What’s next: SAVRpak has been used commercially for several years by food transportation companies and by restaurants for fresher food delivery.

  • At-Home SAVRpaks will be available soon.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • We got a sample this week at Costco, but you can join the waitlist here.
  • Until then, you can use folded paper towels in your containers to help the problem.



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