🤖 AI Tax scams on the rise

Bloggers, researchers and marketers aren’t the only ones tapping into the power of generative AI.

  • Scammers are leveraging the ability of AI to create more legitimate looking and sounding scam emails.

Why it matters: Federal Trade Commission data showed a 30% increase in losses to fraud from 2021 to 2022.

  • $1.2 billion of the $8.8 billion total was lost through social media scams.

🥊 Reality check: The IRS, your bank, investment account, credit cards, etc. WILL NOT contact you with “urgent” emails and texts requiring you to update your info.

  • Emails can look legitimate and don’t contain the syntax errors and awkward sentence structure we’ve seen for years from the latest Nigerian prince looking for someone to help him move $30 million.

👉 Don’t get overconfident in your ability to detect scams.

  • When you’re tired or distracted or in a rush, a very convincing email could entice you to click the wrong button!

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Spread the word to people in your immediate circle that might be vulnerable.
  • Scammers are targeting anyone with a connected device — from pre-teens to seniors.



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