🤔 How do soffit vents work?

Soffit vents are half of an attic’s ventilation system.

Why it matters: Balancing air intake and exhaust is the key to removing moisture and heat from your attic.

  • Protecting your shingles from premature damage and your structure from rot and mold.

⚙️ How it works: Different types of exhaust vents require a different number of soffit vents.

  • Soffit vents won’t work well if they are blocked on top (usually from blown-in insulation) or clogged (usually from years of painting them).

🧮 By the numbers: Ventilating a 2000 square foot attic would have these requirements with 4” by 16” soffit vents: (Most common soffit vent sizes are 4” by 16” and 8” by 16”)

👉 Ridge vent: 44 feet of ridge vent, 20 soffit vents.

👉 Box vents: 10 box vents, 20 soffit vents.

👉 Turbines: 3 turbines, 32 soffit vents.

👉 Power vents: 2 power vents, 62 soffit vents.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • A few other factors should be considered — feel free to email me with questions.
  • If you decide to add power vents, make sure you have enough soffit intake — or all the air the vents are moving will be sucked from inside your house!



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