🚰 Did your garden hoses survive?

The start of the outdoor season is a good time to make sure your outdoor tools are serving you well.

Why it matters: Weather extremes can damage hose bibs and garden hoses.

  • Making tasks like watering the yard or washing the car more frustrating.

💡 Before you’re in the middle of a task, lay your hoses out completely and turn on the water.

  • Check for leaks at the hose bib, the nozzle or anywhere along the hose.

👉 Leak under hose bib hande?

  • This is usually a worn out washer and can be fixed with the right size washer and graphite packing string. (Plenty of YouTube videos will show you how to do it.)

👉 Leak at hose bib fitting?

  • You either have damaged threads on the spigot, on the hose or simply a worn out washer.
  • Wash the threaded portions with warm soapy water and a brush and wrap the spigot threads with plumbers tape.
  • Replace the rubber washers in your hoses.

👉 Leak in the middle of a hose and you want to save it?

  • After finding a small hole, mark it with a sharpie, let the hose dry and wrap with electrical tape.
  • A large hole or tear can be fixed with a hose mender kit like this one.

👉 Leak between hose and spray nozzle?

  • Replace the rubber washer in the nozzle.
  • Examine the threads on the hose — if damaged you can use the hose mender kit to repair it.

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