🚨 Woodpeckers: Harbingers of death?

Spotting a woodpecker you’re hearing feels like winning a round of “Where’s Waldo?”.

  • But does that mean the tree it’s in is dying or dead?

Why it matters: Smart tree maintenance is critical to protecting our homes from nature’s pruning instrument —> high winds.

🌳 Arborist Tim Waswick offers some reassurance:

👉 Woodpeckers are looking for boring insects, but spotting them in your tree doesn’t mean the tree is dead.

  • If we’re on the fence about whether or not to remove a tree, finding evidence of a woodpecker provides confirmation.

👉 If you find fungus growing on the trunks of your trees, that’s a more serious issue you should have checked out.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Almost all trees should be showing signs of life by now.
  • It’s a good time for a walk around your property to identify any trees that concern you.
  • Especially if they’re close to the house —> trimming trees costs less than major roof repairs!



🔦 Pro Spotlight

Tim Waswick is a certified arborist who can help you care for and preserve your trees. Call/text Tim at 972-822-8317. Visit Aspen Tree Service to learn more.

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