🙉 Protecting your hearing

Hearing is on my mind this morning after attending the 3.5 hour Taylor Swift concert where I gladly used my EARasers Noise Cancelling Earplugs. 🎧 😊

Why it matters: Less than 15 minutes of exposure to sounds over 100dB can lead to hearing loss.

  • We encounter these levels at indoor sporting events and concerts and even at home through our entertainment centers.

🥊 Reality check: Hearing loss usually occurs gradually but can be counteracted with some smart measures.

👉 Tips while at home

  • Wear hearing protection whenever using loud equipment like gas powered mower or weed eater or power tools like a skill saw.
  • On your TV or sound bar, select that EQ setting that allows you to understand the dialogue at lower volumes – and turn on subtitles if you’re having trouble hearing.
  • When you watch TV, eliminating background noises like the dishwasher or washing machine allows you to enjoy what you’re watching at a lower sound level.

👉 Tips while out and about

  • If you’re going to a sporting event, concert or action movie, use quality noise cancelling earplugs.
  • If you’re near really loud noises like sirens, trains or fireworks and don’t have hearing protection … don’t be embarrassed to use your fingers to plug your ears. Your hearing is too important.

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