🙃 Flip the script

Are you the ultimate DIY’er or do you hire out all your home maintenance and repairs?

🔭 Zoom out: Changing your approach for your next project can help you grow in knowledge, skill and appreciation.

💡 2 ideas for you:

👉 If you usually hire out your lawn service, try de-thatching – removing the dead grass undercoat – to give your lawn a healthy start to the season.

  • You can use a thatch rake or any rake with stiff enough tines.
  • For best results ask your lawn service to bag the grass next time and then de-thatch within a few days.
  • The root system will get better air and water and then you can fertilize in a few weeks.

👉 If you usually DIY your painting, hire a pro who will let you shadow their prep work.

  • A good paint job is all about the prep — and the best pros do a fantastic job.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Whether you hire out your next project or DIY, one of the keys to enjoying your home (maintenance issues and all) is to practice gratitude.
  • Did you do it yourself? Way to go!
  • Did you hire a pro? Build them up with a nice cash tip at the end! 😁



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