😱 Beware the universal solvent

💧 In science class we learned that water is the universal solvent.

  • It doesn’t actually dissolve everything but it has powerful properties. (Think … Grand Canyon 😁)

Why it matters: Water will destroy your house if you don’t manage it well.

2 stories from the past week:

👉 A clogged gutter was allowing water to flow under the shingles at the corner of a roof.

  • I lifted the shingles to find the wood decking had disintegrated in that corner! 😳

👉 Tree debris that had been sitting in a roof’s valley had decomposed into fertile soil.

  • I removed the top layer of leaves to find little plants growing in the dirt.
  • I cleaned off the rest to find shingles that are deteriorating.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Clean out those gutters or  hire a pro  if you can’t do it safely.
  • Might be time for a roof tune up if you have debris in your roof valleys or haven’t had your roof checked in the past year. Hit reply if you want to get on my schedule.



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