📺 So many streaming options!

“Cord-cutting” has increased over the past decade as the average cost of cable and satellite packages passed $200/month.

  • The convenience of streaming content — at a lower cost — pushed over 25 million households to ditch cable.

🥊 Reality check: The promise of cost friendly, a la carte choices has ballooned into streaming service overload.

  • Maintaining multiple subscriptions can lead to “streaming fatigue.” (The author currently has 7 😳)

📣 The Streaming Optimizer is here to guide you!

  • This free tool can help you with the newest trend in streaming your favorite shows —> watch-then-cancel.

⚽ Only need Apple TV to watch Ted Lasso?

  • The Streaming Optimizer will tell you which months to subscribe! 😜

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • I wrote about overpaying for subscription services here.
  • If you try the Streaming Optimizer, shoot me an email with your results!



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