💂 🌳 Protecting trees during construction

Valuable trees die every year due to lack of prep before construction projects.

Why it matters: If your remodel project involves heavy equipment, an arborist can help you plan to protect your trees.

  • To avoid soil compaction that causes trees to die after the work is finished.

📝 Here are some of Tim’s tips:

  • Fence off drip line and put 4-6” thick mulch beneath to reduce soil compaction and erosion.
  • Apply Short-Stop SC (plant growth regulator by Arborjet): This changes how the tree grows and makes it more resilient to stress caused by construction.
  • Inject TreeAge insecticide (product by Arborjet): this stays in the tree up to 2 years and wards off insects and other pests that may be attracted to a tree that is wounded or stressed.

📣 Post construction: Have the yard aerated to allow soil around drip line to breathe better.

  • Can also be done post-construction if the above items were neglected prior to the job.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Friends don’t let friends lose their mature trees due to lack of planning for a construction project. 😉
  • Get a great arborist on your team!



🔦 Pro Spotlight

Tim Waswick is a certified arborist who can help you care for and preserve your trees. Call/text Tim at 972-822-8317. Visit Aspen Tree Service to learn more.

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