🌬️ Cooking with your range hood on?

Your range hood removes harmful moisture and contaminates from your living space.

Why it matters: Cooking is often the number one cause of air pollution inside our homes. 😱

  • Releasing small particles from cooking oils (VOCs)
  • To carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide from gas ranges
  • To formaldehyde released from cabinets and countertops that heat up while we cook

The bottom line: Run your range hood on high every time you cook and for a few minutes after to improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

  • Cook on the back burners for best air movement.

Deeper dive: Watch this short video from Berkeley Lab to learn more.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Make sure your range hood has a clean filter and is venting to the outside.
  • Send me an email if I can help. 😁



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