✋ The insurance process — Part 2

Part 1 covered the 2 main concepts — proving the loss and defining the scope.

Today we’ll look at what to do BEFORE you file a claim.

Why it matters: Simply put, if you need to file a claim you should and if you don’t need to file a claim you shouldn’t.

🤔 How do you decide?

If a storm or other event caused obvious damage, do the following:

👉 Protect your home from further damage — this is called your “Duty to Mitigate.”

  • Whether that’s a tarp on your roof or boarding up a window, this needs to be done by you or someone you hire.

👉 Document, document, document!

  • Take pictures AND video.
  • Make sure pictures show the context — don’t just get close up pics — step back and show the surroundings.

👉 Call a contractor you trust.

  • A good contractor can help you determine if you have enough damage to justify filing a claim.
  • And can help you by defining the full scope of the work.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • At least once a year, get good pictures and video of the condition of your property and its contents.
  • That can serve as evidence for determining a date of loss.
  • Have a roofer inspect and document the condition of your roof every year.



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