⛲ Not a water feature

At a client’s house recently, I saw a tiny stream of water pouring out of a small pipe near his 2nd story roofline onto his 1st story roof.

Why it matters: If the HVAC was installed correctly, I was looking at his secondary condensate line.

  • Which likely means the primary condensate line is clogged.

🔬 Zoom in: The evaporator coil in your AC can produce 5-20 gallons of water per day.

  • When debris gets into the drip pan, it can clog the primary drain line — which should be piped into your sewer line.

🥊 Reality check: If the lines don’t get cleared, water will build up in the drip pan or drain line, overflow and cause damage.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Walk around your house and make sure you know where the secondary lines (1 per AC unit) exit the house — look for 3/4” PVC pipe under an eave.
  • Keeping your AC well maintained saves you money in electricity costs and helps prevent more expensive problems.



🔦 Pro Spotlight

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