🪙🎾 Smart guide for hail season

Hail season is here, which means —> get ready for the flood of roofers! 🤦‍♂️

Why it matters: You want to be informed, so you can make good decisions regarding your roof.

  • You usually cannot see the damage to your shingles from the ground.

🖼️ The big picture: Damage is related to 2 things —> the SIZE of the HAIL and the AGE of your ROOF.

  • Here’s a simple guide for reference:

🪙 Quarter size hail: Minimum size to damage a roof — usually a roof 15+ years old

🏌️ Golf ball size: Possible damage to 10+ year old roof

🎾 Tennis ball size: Likely damage to 5+ year old roof — possible damage to newer roofs

Baseball size: Almost certain damage to ALL roofs

For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Don’t panic if your house gets hit with hail — most hail damage creates long term not short term problems.
  • When in doubt, have a trained roofer check it out (more on this below)
  • Unless you see significant damage, wait to file an insurance claim until after a roofer inspects it.



P.S. My primary service area is North Dallas/Richardson (with exceptions based on availability) and I’m happy to check your roof anytime. Need help in other areas? I have great relationships with quality roofers all over DFW and can make a handoff to a roofer I trust.

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