🥉 3-tab shingles: What you need to know

3-tab shingles DO NOT protect your home well —> here’s what they look like.

Why it matters: The wind storm this week is a reminder of the risks with 3-tab shingles.

  • 3-tab shingles are used 3 ways — 2 of those are for cheap shortcuts

👉 Field shingles: This is the least expensive asphalt shingle and many brands only warranty it to 60mph winds.

  • They’re bad about showing unevenness in the wood decking below it.

👉 Hip & ridge shingles: To save money roofers buy 3-tab, cut it in 3 pieces and use it instead of actual hip & ridge shingles — which cost a little bit more.

  • Inspected a house yesterday that ONLY lost their hip & ridge shingles — so they’re paying out-of-pocket for a repair.

👉 Starter shingles: To save a few bucks on materials, roofers turn a 3-tab upside down and use it for starter shingles that go under the first course of shingles.

  • 3-tab shingles DO NOT SEAL like actual starter shingles.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Have damage to your 3-tab shingles and/or ridge or hips? You either have an out-of-pocket repair or a tricky insurance claim ahead of you. I can help with either.
  • Do not let a roofer install 3-tab shingles on ANY part of your roof. Your home deserves better.



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