🔍 Check your deck

Home improvement stores were packed this weekend as folks get ready for spring.

Why it matters: Spending on outdoor living has increased significantly since pre-2020.

🔬 Zoom in: Decks are the foundation of many outdoor spaces.

  • Wood decks in decent condition can be refinished and enjoyed for many years.

🔮 What’s next: When it’s time for a new deck, wood might not be your best option.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Check your existing deck for signs of wear and tear —> the quicker you act, but more money you’ll save in rehab costs.
  • Imagine how your outdoor space can enhance your enjoyment of your home.



🔦 Pro Spotlight Elliot Presser of Spire Construction provides customized solutions for outdoor living spaces. Ask Elliot about his current Trex project.

Call/text Elliot at 972-400-0192. Check out Spire Construction here.

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