⛈️ After the storm

Do a walk around and make sure everything is okay.

Why it matters: According to your homeowner’s insurance, timely mitigation is your responsibility.

  • If waiting to make repairs leads to further damage, the cost of additional repairs might not be covered.

👉 Should you file a claim? Unless you see significant damage, you don’t need to call your insurance company right away.

  • Instead, call the right professional to assess the damage and perform necessary mitigation.
  • Keep all receipts and keep track of any time you spend cleaning up in case you end up filing a claim.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Water damage —> If the storms created an opening and you have standing water, call a water restoration company like SERVPRO.
  • Tree damage —> If you lost a large portion of a tree, use a certified arborist for the best chance of preserving the tree.
  • Roof damage —> Walk around and observe your roof. If you see any missing shingles or find any in the yard, call a roofer for a full assessment.



🔦 Pro Spotlight

SERVPRO of Park Cities: Alison and her team will take great care of you. Call: 214-522-3000

Aspen Tree Service: Call Tim and get it done right. Call/Text: 972-822-8317

Roofing: I’m here for you! If you’re outside my service area, I have a great network of roofers I trust. Call/Text: 214-893-5959

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