🪜 Check your roof valleys

When two roof slopes meet to form a valley, they create a channel for water and a risk point for leaks.

Why it matters: Your roof’s ability to protect your home depends on the most vulnerable spots—valleys and roof penetrations—performing well.

❄️ Slow melting snow and ice in valleys will show you if you have leaks in those areas.

  • Try to locate areas inside your house that are under the lowest spots in valleys and see if you have any water staining on the ceiling or where the ceiling meets the wall.

🍂 If you still have leaves in any valleys, those need to be cleaned out ASAP.

  • Leaves that sit too long in valleys break down and create a “dirty sponge” that eats away at your shingles, attracts pests, or both.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • This month is an ideal time to get a roof check to address any maintenance issues before the rainy season.
  • Need a roofer? I can either get you on my schedule or refer you to another roofer I trust.



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