🧱 Leaking chimney?

Chimneys present a high risk for leaks, especially in older homes.

Why it matters: Your chimney takes a beating from the weather, and it’s not always obvious from the ground.

  • Brick chimneys can have issues with chimney flashing or mortar breaking down.
  • Siding wrapped chimneys can have wood rot.

👀 What to look for: First look for water stains on the ceiling near fireplace.

  • After it rains see if you can detect a musty smell near the fireplace.

Bottom line: If you suspect you might have a leak, a roofer or handyman should be your first call.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Do a pre-inspection before the next rain, so you can check after.
  • A brick chimney might need to be re-pointed by a mason, which can be costly.
  • If it’s safe you can DIY with this polyurethane sealant



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