🧭 Your exact location within 10 feet

what3words has given a unique 3 word identifier to every 10 square feet on planet earth.

Why it matters: Police and Fire Departments are using these precise locations to get to emergencies faster.

  • A 911 caller could say, “My what3words address is inch drift stray.”
  • Emergency services would find you at the back of the outdoor section in a Home Depot.

A Deeper Dive —>

💡Imagine how this can help first responders.

At home

  • A transformer blew up in my alley last year and the dangling line caught my fence on fire.
  • After calling 911 I had to flag down the firetruck going down the alley … of the house across the street!
  • A 3 word address would have directed them to the exact location.

In public

  • I still remember over 30 years ago trying to signal to the ambulance looking for my injured friend.
  • Who fell and hit her head in a large shopping center parking lot.
  • 3 words would have saved paramedics time.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Download what3words and learn to use it.
  • Dallas Police and Fire announced in Sep. 2022 their public rollout for what3words.
  • Other cities coming on board soon.



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