🦟 Get ahead of the buzz kill

We can’t eliminate mosquitoes, but we can manage them with the right strategies.

Why it matters: When you start early and choose the right custom solution, you can enjoy your backyard all summer long.

🚨 Save 30% on your monthly treatment when you sign up by February 28 with our friends at SafeHaven.

  • Bonus: When they come out to take a look, take advantage of a free pest risk assessment.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Depending on your yard, you’ll want to consider 3 levels of protection.

Level 1: Yard Spray —> Repelling mosquitos 1-2x per month with a full yard treatment

Level 2: Larvicide —> Treating areas with standing water to prevent new mosquitos from maturing

Level 3: Barrier —> Installing an on-demand misting barrier



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