🔋 Battery or generator?

Batteries with solar and standby generators have their own pros and cons.

Why it matters: Your solution should align with your goals.

💡 Understand the differences:

🥊 Generators are more powerful

  • $10-15k on a generator will fully power most homes
  • $10-15k on a battery will only power essentials (2-4x that for whole home backup)

⚡ Batteries are maintenance free

  • With up to a 15 year warranty and no moving parts, they’re easy
  • Generators have a 5 year warranty and require regular maintenance

🥊 Generators work in all conditions—as long as fuel is available.

  • And can be pretty loud

🔆 Batteries only charge when the sun is shining.

  • And they’re quiet

The bottom line: The most resilient homes have solar + batteries + a generator. 😎

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