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Felt paper is part of your roofing system and it MUST BE REPLACED with a re-roof.

Why it matters: When roofers cut this corner during install, they put you at risk—often committing insurance fraud in the process.

  • Today’s email inspired by another sighting yesterday as I was driving to the YMCA.

🤯 A reputable roofing company was re-roofing a house.

  • But the crew was installing new felt paper on top of the old.

🥊 Removing felt down to the decking allows crews to properly inspect and repair the roof deck.

  • Failure to remove felt can VOID the shingle manufacturer’s warranty — all to save a couple hundred dollars in cost.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Practices like this are one of the reasons I started this daily email.
  • Please educate yourself friends — and hold contractor’s accountable to do it right.
  • During every re-roof you should see the wood deck before they install new roofing system.



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