🏘️ Your neighborhood needs you

You can shape the place you live through your HOA or neighborhood association.

Why it matters: HOAs have the power to influence public policy, building codes and the city’s budget priorities.

  • To prepare for the next bond package, the city of Dallas asked HOAs to submit priorities for their neighborhoods.

🧮 By the numbers: Serving on my neighborhood board I saw a very small percentage of neighbors get involved.

  • < 3% of our neighbors attended our MOST attended meeting.
  • < 1% showed up for public service days like, “It’s My Park Day.”

🔎 Between the lines: Younger adults are not showing up.

  • This week I attended a meeting of multiple HOAs and was—on average—20 years younger than the group. And I’m almost 50!
  • Older adults love the energy and creativity that younger adults bring to the mix.

For your Smart Homeowner list

  • What can you do this year?
  • Not a member —> join and attend a meeting or event.
  • Lightly involved —> find a way to use your skills to better your neighborhood—join the board or help with a special project.
  • Heavily involved —> recruit a friend to help—sharing the load is good for everyone.



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