🌳 Time to start trimming your trees?

🙅‍♂️ Short answer: No!

Why it matters: Trimming too early damages trees.

  • This includes what arborists call “lion-tailing.” Removing the short suckers during winter is not good for your trees.

👂 Let’s hear more from arborist Tim:

  • How are my trees after this recent drought and hard freeze?

🥊 Here is my expert opinion, so be sure to take careful note …

  • I DON’T KNOW! 🤯

🖼️ The big picture: During dormancy, you can’t discern dead limbs from dormant ones.

  • Unless removing a tree, major limb, or long-dead wood, wait until bud break to assess.

The bottom line: The best thing to do for your trees right now is nothing.

  • In mid to late March, you can do a legitimate post-damage assessment.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Resist the urge to trim just because brush and bulky trash day is coming—or someone is offering you “a deal.”
  • If you have immediate concerns, call a certified arborist to advise you well.



🔦 Pro Spotlight

Tim Waswick is a certified arborist. He’s also an expert in roofing. If you need trees trimmed that are near your roof, you want someone who knows how to care for your trees and protect your roof.

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