♨️ Electric pipe heaters make sense

During a hard freeze you might need an automatic electric heating cable to protect uninsulated pipes

Why it matters: Burst pipes wreak havoc on our homes and create costly damage.

  • Protecting some pipes requires extra steps.

🥶 Remember. Temperature matters! The National Weather Service issues a hard freeze warning when temps reach 28 degrees. Temps below 20 degrees will definitely freeze water in pipes.

  • Pipes at greatest risk —> exposed outdoor pipes and pipes running through unconditioned crawl spaces and attics.

👏 Testimonial: Short version is my automatic heating cable was not plugged in. My outdoor faucet was frozen. 😑

  • BUT! I plugged it in and within a few hours, I was able to turn it on! Disaster averted!!!

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • Made it through a couple of hard freezes? You’re probably fine.
  • To be safe double check your most at risk pipes.
  • Insulating pipes in your attic or crawl space should be good enough unless temps stay below 20 for several days.
  • Use a heating cable on exposed outdoor pipes. [Note: The shortest is 3’, so I ran the cable up one side of the pipe and down the other. Longer cables are also available.]



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