☔ What your gutters are telling you

With thunderstorms in the forecast, plan to spend 20 minutes observing how your gutters are performing.

Why it matters: The best time to identify issues is when a lot of water is flowing.

  • Faulty gutters can cause wood rot, roof leaks, pest problems and foundation issues.

👀 What to look for

  • Front of the gutter — water overflowing
  • Between the gutter and fascia — flowing or dripping water
  • Downspouts — water NOT flowing
  • Downspout into ground drain — water bubbling out

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • First solution is to make sure gutters are free of leaves and debris — DIY if you can do it safely
  • Consider a professional gutter cleaning and tune up (recommendation below)
  • Either now or the next time you change your gutters, upgrade your system with larger downspouts, larger gutters, gutter screens or all of the above.



🔦 Pro Spotlight

If you’re looking for a premier gutter contractor you can trust, contact Drew and his team at  The Brothers Who Just Do Gutters  .

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