☔ Is it time for a roof tune up?

With proper maintenance, your roof will protect your home for a long time.

Why it matters: The protection is only as strong as your roof’s weakest parts.

  • Roofers use silicone as a final step during install to seal pipes and exposed nails.
  • Silicone can break down in 3-5 years.

⏳ Over time nails can work their way out of the decking and tear a small hole in the shingle.

  • These “nail pops” can be the source of leaks.

⚙️ A roof tune up involves resealing pipes, finding and sealing nail pops and addressing any vulnerable areas on your roof.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • If your roof is over 3 years old, consider getting a tune up before the rainy season.



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