You are always on my mind

Okay … maybe not always … but a lot! 😁

We’ve all experienced this.

Someone says, “Ever notice how many white trucks there are on the road?”

You start seeing white trucks everywhere!

For 36 days I’ve sent a daily email to help you as a smart homeowner.

The process is changing me!

More than ever I think about my home and your homes as places to care for and improve.

The word “cultivate” comes to mind.

With our busy and hectic lives, it’s too easy to let go of important things.

Whether that’s letting go of routine maintenance.

Or letting go of the plans for your dream kitchen.

So even as I’m prepping to head to the airport in an hour.

I’m showing up for you.

And I’ll show up tomorrow too!

For your Smart Homeowner list

Give yourself permission today to slow down and prioritize your home.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and consider 2 questions:

  1. What’s a maintenance task you’ve been putting off that you can make time for this weekend?
  2. What’s an improvement project you can at least make some progress on this quarter?



P.S. I’m going to a Solar Leadership Summit and am eager to increase my knowledge about solar, the latest trends and innovations in solar, and how I can use that knowledge to help you. Get ready for some emails! 😉

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