🏚️ Why your roofer did it wrong

Most roofers are cutting corners—sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.

🥊 Reality check: “People do what you inspect, not what you expect.” — Louis V. Gerstner Jr., Former IBM CEO

  • A proper roof install is almost impossible for a homeowner to inspect.

👺 Behind the mask: Here’s the truth. Some states — like Texas — do not have ANY licensing requirements for roofers and do not enforce building standards.

  • Most re-roof contractors work from an insurance scope of work that seems complete but isn’t.

🔎 Between the lines: Insurance carriers and contractors DO NOT HAVE the right incentives.

  • Neglected items —> Scope calls for removing felt paper, but contractor doesn’t follow through.
  • Wrong items —> Scope lists cheap 3-tab shingles instead of proper hip and ridge shingles.
  • Omitted items —> Insurance almost never calls for necessary code upgrades like fixing bad attic ventilation.

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✅ Decide to be an informed homeowner. (Don’t worry … that’s why I’m doing this!)

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