Overpaying for subscription services?

Happy New Year friends!

A good way to start the year is with a review of your
subscription services.

Look closely at bundles and new options!

A couple of personal examples:

Alarms & Cameras

I have a Frontpoint alarm system and Arlo cameras.

$35/mo for Frontpoint monitoring

$10/mo for 30 day cloud storage for Arlo cameras

Arlo just released their monitored security system.

$20/mo for Arlo’s NEW plan gives me more than I was getting for
$45/mo with Frontpoint and Arlo combined!

Streaming Services

Here’s what I discovered with a closer look at our streaming

We have Hulu Live through Danielle’s email. It includes Disney+.

But we also have Disney+ through my iCloud account. And I
recently got billed for a full year.

My Solution

Switch from Hulu Live to Hulu No Adds.

Add Youtube TV for live TV—which has more NFL and NBA content
than Hulu.

I’m getting more for a little bit less ($3/mo).

For your Smart Homeowner list

Take some time to review your subscription services.

Look at different bundles.

You might have a service you’re not using.

You might find some unexpected savings.

While you’re doing that, make sure you have good unique passwords
for each.



P.S. Thanks to those who’ve let me know how the daily email has
helped you. Looking forward to learning and growing together this

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