Not all painters are equal

Choosing a good painter requires some homework.

WHY IT MATTERS: When you’re ready to invest in a painting project you want confidence in lasting quality.

IN THE KNOW: Paint pro Andrey has some good advice.

I always hear horror stories around painting. Fortunately you can ask more questions to qualify the painter you want to hire.

🧐 Keep these points in mind while screening your painter:

The painter you DON’T WANT:

  • Has no reviews on Google Profile
  • Disorganized project portfolio
  • Arrives late to the appointment
  • Eyeballs your painting project and gives you a “number”
  • Starts painting as soon as he arrives
  • Doesn’t protect floors
  • Uses cheapest available paint
  • Offers cheap price that prompts you to say “yes” on the spot
  • Doesn’t provide a warranty

The painter you WANT:

  • Has long standing reviews on Google Profile
  • Very organized with project photos and portfolio and can show you examples of the project like yours
  • On time for an estimate or communicates if any delays
  • Takes time to build an estimate and provides itemized bid that’s easy and clear to understand
  • Always starts with covering all floors and protecting furniture before the actual painting
  • Uses premium paint materials that will last for years to come
  • Provides 2 year warranty

For your Smart Homeowner list:

✅ If painting is on your project list this year, make the extra effort to qualify your painter and get multiple bids.



P.S. If you need a great painter — who will look at all the details with you — reach out to Andrey at 360 Painting of Dallas. 469-733-5481 or click here to schedule a free painting consultation.

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