Let there be light!

Are you getting the most out of your lighting?

We know that pain is a key driver for change.

My pain (irritation) started this year when I was setting up my
Christmas lights.

The 3 channel, remote controlled outdoor plugs — that I bought 2
years ago — wouldn’t work.

Instead of buying another remote or timer controlled system, I
bought this smart plug that’s an extension of my YoLink system.

Now, I can do lots of things!

  • Turn the lights on and off from the YoLink app on my phone
  • Program the lights to go on and off at specific times using the
    YoLink app
  • Program the lights to come on at sunset using a simple routine
    with Alexa
  • Create routines with Alexa that integrate my YoLink plugs with
    my Philips Hue smart lights
  • Control the lights from my phone app or using voice commands
    with the Amazon Echo Dot

Is this just gimmicky or is it practical?

Some of the home automation stuff can seem a little gimmicky —
like “Alexa, time for football.”

But it can be practical too.

  • I easily set up some landscape lights in the backyard that go
    on at sunset and off at sunrise.
  • I can set up a scene for my 20 year old daughter, so that
    multiple lights come on when she gets home late at night and
    wants to feel safer walking in the house.
  • I can set up an “away from home” scenario where different
    lights come on based on my cameras detecting motion.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Already have smart lights and plugs?

Set up some automations to take advantage of their capabilities.

Need some smart lighting?

Get started with some smart plugs to control lamps or string lights.

Start building out a smart lighting system with Philips Hue Bulbs.



P.S. I wrote more about why I chose Alexa over Google or Apple

P.P.S. Don’t buy the YoLink outdoor plug unless you want to build
out a YoLink system for things like temperature and humidity
monitoring or to automate a heater in your greenhouse.

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