🚫 Keeping pests out

Termites, ants, rats, squirrels and other pests create problems in our homes. Causing structural damage and creating unsafe living spaces for you and your family.

⏰ Why it matters: Waiting until you see (or smell) pest problems costs you more money long term.

Our friend Michael Bosco can help.

Every evaluation starts with a conversation to learn your home’s pest history.

  • To find out where and when pests have found a way in.
  • Points of access include roof returns, AC chase, crawl space vents, gable vents, foundation footings and garage door seals.

🧐 Our inspectors get the lay of the property and then inspect the attics and/or crawl space for signs of past and present infestations.

🥊 Reality check: If (and only if) you need to take action, we provide a custom plan so you can live pest free.

For your Smart Homeowner list:

✅ Inspect your home every 12 months for a no charge top to bottom inspection.

✅ Any unfamiliar noises or smells need to be inspected immediately.

Call 214-340-6969 or schedule online at www.SafeHavenPest.com.



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