🚨Know your re-roof risks

🏠Every structure with a roof will someday need a new roof.

Why it matters: Failing to plan for a re-roof, can cost you money or quality or both.

  • Architects, builders and remodelers often fail to design or install with re-roofing in mind.

🔎 Zooming In: Some poor designs we see when re-roofing:

❌ A pergola with beams attached to the main house —> hard to seal from leaks

❌ 2nd story edition that creates a dead valley —> area that holds water

❌ A new roof vent with too many nails or screws and too much caulk —> can the vent be reused without damaging it?

For your Smart Homeowner list

✅ Your job is to ask the right questions.

Of your builder, remodeler, or handyman—>

❓Will that area shed water well?

❓How will a roofer re-roof that section?



P.S. Trust your gut and never be afraid to ask your contractor hard questions. The good ones embrace that.

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