🏆 Smart routines for the win

I set up a reminder for garbage day that already saved me!

Why it matters: When the unexpected throws you off, routines and reminders can get you back on track.

  • Using Alexa’s routines, you can set up reminders with multiple actions—helpful when we’ve gotten used to “ignoring” pop-up reminders on our phones and computers.

At 6pm on Mondays, Alexa announces over my Echo Dot,

📣 “Don’t forget to take out your trash cans.”

Then the lights in the den are set to green. 🟩

How it helps: Got home later than usual on a Monday night. The green den lights reminded me what to do. 👏

  • Moved the roll carts to the alley — instead of sprinting out there early Tuesday morning when my dog lets me know the garbage truck is coming!

For your Smart Homeowner list

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✅ What are some of your weekly tasks? Could a multiple action reminder help you? Your spouse? Your kids?

✅ Take advantage of reminders with Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant and free your mind for more important things.



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