⚡ $195 power outage protection

Winter power outages can leave us disconnected and in the dark.

Why it matters: During emergencies we want to keep phones charged and stay connected to loved ones.

Some options to think about:

💡 Rechargeable light bulbs — $30 for 4.

  • Don’t just rely on flashlights — especially your phone light! Spread these out strategically in lamp or ceiling fixtures for 4-5 hours of light.

⚡ Refrigerator surge protection — $35.

  • As our fridges get more techy, they need protection from voltage spikes.
  • Keep the fridge closed during an outage. FDA says food is fine for 4 hours.

🔋 Battery backup your WiFi — $130. (Costco price is crazy! Amazon price is +$70)

  • Keep your phones charged and your WiFi running.
  • It’s all in how you use it. This unit can power your router for hours and give you a couple phone charges — as long as you don’t try to power too many other things.

✅ For your Smart Homeowner list

  • What’s your emergency plan during an outage?
  • Take time this week to prepare the people in your household.



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