Winter is coming!!!

Did you know 20 degree temps GREATLY INCREASE YOUR RISK of pipes

A severe winter storm is coming—with 3 days in a row of temps at
or below 20 degrees.

Freezing wind gusts from the northwest make the north and west
sides of your home the most vulnerable.

Time to prepare.

Let’s get right to your list.

For your Smart Homeowner list


Hoses — Remove, drain and store

Faucets/Hose Bibb — Protect with faucet covers. Get this 4 pack
by Tuesday if you order now.

You might need one like this.

If you can’t effectively insulate the pipe, consider a heating
cable like this.

Pool pumps — Before the freeze, make sure you have enough water
in the pool and it’s clear of leaves. Run your pump at all times
when the temps are below freezing.


Drip faucets

Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets to get warmer air near the
pipes (move items that could be harmful to children or pets)

Consider putting a space heater near cabinets with north or west
facing walls

One last thing

This is a good time to check on your neighbors and offer to help
them if they need it.



P.S. Know how to shut your water off if you have a leak you can’t
control? I wrote about that here.

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