How much electricity does that thing use?!!!

Did you know an old pool pump can be the number 1 energy waster
at your home?

Don’t have a pool? Don’t worry.

Stay tuned for other energy saving tips in future emails.

Ready for some crazy math?

IF you run your pool pump

at half the speed

even for twice the time

you use 1/8 the electricity!

Why does that matter?

I was evaluating a home for solar.

Noticed a huge dip in monthly electricity usage starting Feb

Snowmaggedon killed the pool pump!

Without a pump for several months,

they used 1,500 kWh LESS electricity–per month.

Watch the math here.

If they replaced the old single speed pump with a variable speed.

1/8 of 1,500 = 187.5

1,500 – 187.5 = 1,312 (in savings)

At 17 cents/kWh

That’s $223 of savings.

Every. single. month.

If you paid $3,000 for a new variable speed pump,

it pays for itself by month 14.

For your Smart Homeowner list

Pool owners:

If you have an old pump, take a picture of the sticker on the
pump and send it to me. I’ll help you figure out your potential

If you have a new pump, you still have to program it correctly.
Happy to help you with that.



P.S. I help people save $ on electricity.

Sometimes that means switching to solar.

Sometimes that means making some changes to your HVAC, pool pump,
attic ventilation, or other.

Need help? Hit reply and type, “Help!”

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